20/20 vision, 17 years on

20/20 vision, 17 years on

A mere two years ago, we celebrated our 15th anniversary, so it seems a bit silly to make a big hoopla about this years’ yearly milestone. But after all, it is our golden anniversary, and it is serendipitous that it lands in the year 2020.

Why, you may ask?

Our name AREA 17 refers to the visual cortex of the brain where sensory data is received, patterns recognized, and images formulated. While we’ve always exercised great restraint by not exploiting sight-related metaphors, our ‘clarity of vision’ has been the cornerstone of our practice since the beginning.

For instance, in the early days, we posed a rhetorical question on our homepage, “We believe websites can change people’s lives, is that crazy?” We went on to say, “We think the web should be an extension of our daily lives, not a distraction from it. To this end, our mission is to make the web a better place—for work and for life—by crafting platforms that are equally valuable, sustainable, and enriching.”

Since then, our practice (and the industry) has come a long way. However, amidst a growing team, advancing methodologies, and reshaping infrastructure, these ideas haven’t changed. So today, with a whimsical lack of restraint and happy-cheesy grin, we spread our plumage wide as we celebrate 17 years of 20/20 vision.

Happy birthday, AREA 17! 🤓


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