The best of active websites of the early graphical internet

The best of active websites of the early graphical internet

So recently I’ve seen a bunch of tweets/blogs touting the end of skeuomorphic design and the rise of flat design. Also a bunch of tweets/blogs using the word skeuomorphic, which previously I’d never seen and consequently had no idea what it meant. And then I saw this website: {404} PageFound!.

Its a list of active websites from 1994 that are still active. Looking and LOLing at these and then remembering that I built websites that looked like some of these is quite amusing. For further nostalgia, how about how popular search engines have looked, since the 90s. This has made me think about the oldest websites I worked on, that are still online and how they stack up to their modern competitors.

The first sites I worked on are long offline. Evolution Print, a site I built for The Designers Republic in 2005, I think, is still online and still updated. The first sites I worked on for A17, in 2007, for AOL have all been closed down. Comically, the top result in Google for “AOL Asylum” is an Adweek article about AOL closing Asylum and Lemondrop. Adweek being another A17 client; now that is properly meta.

In 2009 A17 launched Creative Capital and to me, it still looks great. Ok the navigation I’m not so keen on but generally I think the site looks fresh. In 2010 A17 launched SustainAbility and this really does look fresh to me.

Ok so these are only 3 and 4 years old. And not 15 years old. But Nove looked great in 2004 and would stand up today too.

K10K looked really hot when it came out and was copied and cloned many times. But today it would look dated. It actually went offline in November 2011 and I didn’t notice.

So I’m a +1 for timeless design. And a +1 for LOLing at websites from 1996.